Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spring Event

Choose the next event! Please choose from one of the following choices (each have a different date) and have your say what the next MOMents will be all about!

a. Fiesta! (Monday) 5/3/10 - Just like our Cinco De Mayo event in 2008. Homemade food, drinks, music and fun!

b. Spa & Game Night (Thursday) 5/8/10 - Pampering, pj's, slippers, snacks and games!

c. Clutter Auction (Friday) 5/9/10 - Bring your "clutter" and we'll have a clutter auction. One person's trash is another person's treasure! We'll also share cleaning tips.

Just leave a comment and what ever option has the most votes in a week will be the winner!


  1. They all seem like so much fun! Hard to choose. But since my son doesn't have a baseball game on 5/3 I will vote for Fiesta too!

  2. cha cha cha - fiesta is the front runner so far!